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PU/faux leather vs The Real One

PU leather is a coating of Polyurethane on a thin layer of leather. This coating imparts a glossy finish to the leather along with the value addition to the otherwise lower quality leather used. The final quality achieved is nothing better than PU, because none of the qualities that are inherent to leather are present here. Using the leather beneath the PU gives the brand a liberty to use the word Leather which is otherwise more premium and costlier.

In contrast, real leather is plain and simple LEATHER . Directly coming as the skin and treated & tanned as per the need. Leather has the following properties for which it is desired all around.


1. High tensile strength

2. High resistance to tear

3. Excellent resistance to flexing

4. Permeability to water vapor which is good for human skin

5. Good abrasion resistance


Even leather are not equals. The quality depends on multiple factors such as animal origin, substance (thickness), type. So, we can't be sure of a product quality just going by the term Leather. But yes, they will have the above mentioned qualities.

Happy knowing.


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