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Instead it started with a quest for a well-made leather wallet – a quest that ended up in an eternal  blind alley and spanned over numerous online and brick & mortar stores.

The better known leather goods brand were just giving away run of the mill products, which were already available under every brand umbrella. Admitting to paying attention to quality, they felt like a bulk in our pockets, while the craftsmanship was left to Rest in Peace.


And the luxury brands, while giving preference to craftsmanship along with paying equal attention to quality, did manage to burn a hole in the pockets.

Every end gives rise to a new beginning.

The quest that ended nowhere gave birth to Kaeres, a vision where intricate attention to ergonomics and quality is blended with the old school of craftsmanship, but without costing a fortune.


Arising from a Danish word Kaereste, which translates to Dearest, Kaeres is a small endeavor in the quest for that perfect wallet led to the birth of this page.


With years of experience in leather industry and worked alongside some of the leading brands, it is his brain and hand working on blank papers that brought out the designs which you see as products today.

Quality is never an accident.

​Instead, it comes from incessant efforts starting with sourcing the finest raw material and go on until the final stitch; and beyond. From premium cow hides, yarn dyed linings to every stitch that binds them together, concisely, each aspect has been meticulously thought of and implemented.

Each design has been laboriously pondered upon, with innumerable brain-hours going behind every detail so that the products that come out from us reflect our belief in contemporary aesthetics.

Different layers of the wallets have been worked upon which not only gave a slimmer and a finer wallet, but also boosted our belief that carving a path different than other brands, often leads to uncharted territories (read, a unequalled wallet).

Every material that goes in the making has been tested, so that once held, you will feel the luxury and know that it has been made to last.

Each product that reaches you has been hand-cut and crafted explicitly by the hands of experience artisans, making every single piece, a beauty to be held.

This quest is starting off with small but timeless collection of leather carry goods, which promises to be there even when the fashion changes its colors.

Come, be a partner in the quest, and see the magic unfold.

We hate the Fuss.

Not just in our life, but in our designs too.


We believe that simpler things make a life more alluring. That a circle is more interesting than a square. And square more fascinating than the octas & decagons. That an aquarium with a school of neon tetras look more pleasing than a whole lot of species thrown in making it more of a fish market.  That Black & White is the most vibrant color around. That the LBD’s are the best a woman can have. That less is more. That minimalism is not taking away things; it’s giving a perfect form to a function, without the inessentials.

It has been a way of our life. And our products are going to reflect the same.

The Leather Origins.

We are committed to our surroundings. All our leather comes as a byproduct of the food industry. Which implies that no animal was killed solely for its skin and the skins are used to create leather hides & do not end up as a waste product.

We have chosen our tannery with great consideration because they share our values of sustainability and respect for the surrounding.They are committed to the ecological quality of the leather they produce & work to minimize their impact on health and environment during its production, recycling and disposal.

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Society is to us, what a mother is to a baby.

The care and love has to be reciprocated, has to be given back; even when they don’t ask for it.


We at Kaeres have taken our steps toward empowering a group of Specially Abled women, who hand-stitch a range of our products. The Saddle Stitches, probably the most durable hand stitches on leathers known to mankind, don’t come easy, as they require focus, time and patience. But then, patience is just a word for these women.


These Super-Women from the village of Manivakkam, 40 km from the heart of Chennai, don’t just like sitting down, even though gods have given them limited mobility. They strive, they compete, they challenge their disability head on.


And come up with exceptional pieces of art.


Come, Witness the perfection, and be a part of the JOURNEY.

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