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Make MAEGIC yours starting at just ₹ 799.00

Thanks for your interest in Maegic.

We will get back to you shortly.




Gift it to someone to make their day or get it for yourself to flaunt your name, either way its going to make someone happy.

Made for YOU!

Saddle Stitches

Probably the most durable stitches on leather known to mankind. The 2 needles used on a single thread, criss-cross each other in each of the hand-punched holes.

In the rarest case of a thread rip, the second line of stitching will prevent the wallet to fall apart.

Made in India



8 Cards + 12 Notes


4 Cards + 20 Notes


12-14 Cards

Adaptable as You.

Laser Engraving

Modern Technology fuses with the artistry of the seasoned craftsmen.

Names are personalized using Laser Ray Technology.

Evoke your sense of Touch!

Hand Created

Precisely Hand Burnished Edges, 

meticulously Hand Punched and painstakingly Saddle Stitched, each Maegic article has taken its own sweet time to be made.

One of its Kind!


Just 6 mm Thin.

112 mm x 84 mm


Full Grain Argentinean Leathers, with a substance of 1.5 mm, that is just going to get better. With each passing day.

That is going to be with you for long.

Really Long.

Limited Edition

Leather is like a fine Scotch, gets better with time. Each piece matures differently, its patina bearing the impressions of our tryst with life. Of memories made.

It becomes more individual like us. Becomes the Limited Edition, what we all are.

Aren't We!

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